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Are you used to the new CPR? On 1 July 2017, CPR (Construction Product Regulation) became mandatory throughout the EU. This regulation defines the rules and requirements of construction products to be manufactured, distributed or installed cables included.


In the event of a fire in crowded spaces such as airports, hospitals, municipal buildings, schools, or skyscrapers it is crucial to have low toxic gas and smoke emission cables to facilitate the evacuation process.

Cables designed for fixed installation in residential and commercial buildings are subject to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), regulated by EN 50575. For the reaction to fire of cables the CPR directive has identified seven different performance classes, where heat release and flame propagation are the main classification criteria. Class Aca defines non-flammable (non-reactive) cables, while class Fca contains cables that do not meet the requirements of class Eca (i.e. of indeterminate performance). In addition to heat release and flame propagation there are three additional classifications that apply to classes Dca, Cca, B2ca and B1ca: smoke emissions, flame droplets and acidity.


Safe buildings, powered by high-performance cables

Innovating to the highest level of safety standards.


We’re always innovating, so we can bring our customers the most technologically-advanced solutions in energy and telecommunications. Our products are produced to stringent safety standards, and all boast compliance with European CPR directives.

CPR applies to any cable product intended for use in infrastructure.


Manufacturers have a legal obligation to draw up a Declaration of Performance (DoP) which identifies a product, details its intended use, and features its reaction to certain fire performance characteristics.Once placed on the market, these products are required to carry the CE marking and Class of Performance on the product label.

The customer purchasing journey must remain as simple as it is today.


For years, Prysmian Group has been investing in industry-leading products, and has a range of high-performance cables that are fully compliant with regional CPR requirements. 

We support our customers by ensuring fire testingproduct positioning and materials development are completed to the highest standard. Each cable we produce comes with a DoP and carries the CE marking confirming compliance with fire resistance regulations set out in standard EN 50575:2014+A1:2016.

At Prysmian Group. we go further than just meeting regulations. We believe CPR is key to guarding people’s safety, so we spread the key messages of the new EU Construction Products Regulation. We’re proud to help educate our business partners, ensuring they have the appropriate level of CPR understanding. And we encourage the same understanding from our employees and our customers when it comes to the importance of CE marking products.


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