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Prysmian Ocean Racing

The partnership between Prysmian and Giancarlo Pedote dates back to over ten years ago. Together they have achieved important victories and results


Develop your career in STEM with us

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are truly at the heart of our DNA, pushing our boundaries forward and impacting the world. And this is why we need people who will help us to make our world greener. This is why we need YOU. You’ll have the opportunity to learn through our world-class Prysmian Group Academy, discover international opportunities and access our Mentorship program.


Diversity & inclusion

As a Group with an international footprint, we are deeply aware of our responsibility to create an inclusive environment that embraces all forms of diversity. We have a culture of sharing, collaboration, openness and transparency: we consistently monitor our progression in these areas.

Each of our people has a unique skillset, perspective and capability that they bring to the business. We encourage them to make their mark on Prysmian Group by recognising the essential part they play both in the company and in the world.

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Optical Fibre

Optical Fibre

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Optical Fibre
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Telecoms Networks

Telecom Networks
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Multimedia & Enterprise Networks

Multimedia & Enterprise Networks
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Submarine Telecom

OPGW & Specials